Monday, June 20, 2016

Being Cultivators and Creators: Part One

I heard a sermon this week on how we spend our time on Earth. The speaker stated that we are called to create and cultivate. The challenge was how can I leave this world better than I found it? How do we leave this place a lighter? The news and feeds are continually filled with tragedy and brokenness, we need a little more light. I believe it is our job to fight to make this place a little better, if we don’t than who?

When I hear the word cultivate, my mind jumps to gardening. Cultivating is hard work, the word means, to improve what has been created. The creation, or process of bringing something into existence has happened now you must breathe life into it. The cultivator only has what is before them, the creator has the vision, the things imagined. Both parts are essential in changing our world.

What exactly does creating and cultivating look like in the day to day? How do we actively take a role in making our world a little better than we found it?

Here are some of the thoughts I had as I mulled over this topic:
(I will share a little more in depth on each point this week.)

1) It starts from a place of passion.
2) It takes time and energy.
3) It works in your strengths.

It starts from a place of passion. What do you dream about? What are the issues that pull at your heartstrings? Where do you desire to see change? In my life there have been areas of passion rise up in me that have surprised me. Some of them I had no idea I cared about until I heard or saw something that caused me to want to see change.

My biggest passion driven pursuit, was my journey to foster parenting. The journey was a slow and gradual awareness, born from a desire to foster children “someday.” I knew my heart from a young age, was bent towards being a mom and adoption. I did not know that motherhood would find me while I was in my twenties and single through foster care.

Passion came a knocking, all in a week December 2013. She was not so subtle, in one week: I heard a speech on foster care, followed by a billboard and radio ads seeking foster parents, during my devotion time, a newspaper article on a local foster family, and finally an encounter with a foster parent. I could not escape it, always there, gnawing at me, I did what most people would do ignored it.

The following week I was catching up with a friend and casually brought up the fact that foster care was a topic that I could not escape, it seemed it was continually in my path. My friend, very lovingly said to me, “What are you going to do about it? You can do this, single, I know people who have.” So, I did assuming that I would find nothing but closed doors for this season of life, I was so wrong.

I went home that day and looked into the laws of my state only to discover not a closed door as I assumed but a very big, wide open door, with lovely arrows on the floor leading the way. Not what I expected, that is when the passion really got me going. I started reading statistics, articles and information on the foster care system. I realized I had just walked through a door I could no longer ignore, the need is great. After a few steps forward, I was enrolled in foster care classes and on my way to a license.

The first step is to find that passion, it is what overrides the doubts, fears and insecurities. The passion is what keeps you going when the road is scary and unknown. Very early in my journey I stumbled upon this quote and it kept me know going when the journey got tough and it has stuck with me from day one.

“I am not afraid to grieve. I am afraid of what will happen to these children, if no one took the risk to love them.”

My friends, living a passionate life does not mean an easy life. When you are tapping into your passions, you are diving in deep to the core of your heart and depths of your soul. That is where your being flows from, it will hurt. It will ache. It is worth it.

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