Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Being Cultivators and Creators: Part Two

I am again, processing through the sermon I heard earlier in the week. You can read part one of my blog post on being cultivators and creators. What exactly does creating and cultivating look like in the day to day? How do we actively take a role in making our world a little better than we found it? Here are some of the thoughts I had as I mulled over this topic: (I will share a little more in depth on each point this week.)

It starts from a place of passion.
It takes time and energy.
It works in your strengths.

It takes time and energy. Our days are filled with random thoughts throughout the day that often guide the decisions we make. True cultivation happens when we take those thoughts, add a little time and mental energy and press in. This is the hard part, the time to get dirty and actually do some labor.

Foster parenting is all cultivating parenting. Foster parents pick up after the creators and begin to cultivate, helping restore the purpose and removing the weeds that have overrun the space. They have to dig deep and work hard to get it out of there. It is time consuming and exhausting, much like gardening, you gotta get in there and get your hands dirty.

“I will not make room in my heart for them,” this is what one of my children said this week. We had a situation, that triggered some trauma and with our lack of healthy coping skills, my child is falling apart. In my two years of parenting, I have learned I have to take the time and energy to press into my child, to help make their world a little better.

Often, I am left scratching my head on what to do next, it’s kind of like doing a jigsaw puzzle without a picture. A puzzle that is all connected but you aren’t exactly sure how or where to even begin. You have little to no guidance but you know one thing for sure, the pieces do fit together.

This past week, I have done my fair share of cultivating and I must say, I am tired. Family meetings, loud disruptive tantrums and heart talks night after night. Pulling weeds often seems like for everyone weed I successfully pull, there are two more. Sometimes, it feels a little bit like we have made no progress. When I am sitting in the middle of the garden and all I see is the weeds and overgrown plants, it seems like no good has happened. However, I realized if I get up and take a step out of the heart of the garden, it actually looks pretty good and I can see the progress made.

My heart is heavy as I try to help my child heal. As I try to figure out what the source or which route of healing to take. It takes all of the time and energy, it takes hard work and lots of labor. I think gardening is one of those hobbies that takes a ton of work and a big commitment. It is a never ending job, you can’t just do it once, you have to constantly be back ripping out the weeds.

I suppose that is a pretty big reflection of our hearts. When we do heart work, whether we are evaluating wounds or pressing into dreams, we have to keep going back. Time and energy is what we have to do in order to cultivate and change our little worlds.

My prayer is that I may love well, during those moments where the thorns seem to be all I see. When I can’t seem to get that root out and those days when it feels so hard and it’s hot. May we love well my friends, this world needs it.

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