Sunday, June 26, 2016

Being Cultivators and Creators: Part Three

I often think we are so blessed and truly have all that we really “need” in this life, that kind of experience creates in us comfort focused living. One in which the risks are few and our lives are comfortable. We found our happiness in a sense of security and routine, is that really where it should be? What if we stepped out more, took bigger risks and really lived lives fueled by passion? The result could be life changing, sharpened skills, greater awareness of the needs around us and huge character development. These are the building blocks, to leaving our world better than we found it.

What exactly does creating and cultivating look like in the day to day? How do we actively take a role in making our world a little better than we found it? Here are some of the thoughts I had, as I mulled over this topic, I will share a little more in depth on each point this week.

It starts from a place of passion.
It takes time and energy.
It works in your strengths.

Living a life creating and cultivating is something that often works within your natural strengths. When you embrace your passions and the things that you were created to do, put in that time and energy, the result is that you will find that you are working from a place of natural ability. When you press into the things that stir your heart you will discover that you possess what you need to get the job done. During the journey, through the process of it all, you will uncover some hidden gems as well, things that you didn’t know you were capable of. Uncovering those gems is one of the most beautiful things that happen when you are living a life that is geared towards cultivating and creating.

Often on my foster parenting journey, I come up short and feel like I am all out of tools. I would take a step back, assess and reevaluate. I realized that out of the depths of my soul, the answer would come and somehow the beginning of a new skill would be there. Often it was something that I didn’t even know I was capable of doing.

The character development that happens when your focus is to cultivate is life changing. I am not the same person I was two years ago, it has not been an easy journey. I am so thankful, for the all the moments I felt lost and empty. In those moments I discovered what I needed was right there, within me, for just a time as this. I just needed to be pressed and encouraged a bit for that skill to make it’s way to the top.

Resiliency is one of the greatest things we possess as humans. I have watched four children who have experienced awful, life altering events, use those experiences for good. We would never want our children or ourselves to go through the heartaches and hard things, but in those moments great things come out. We learn the skills we need to press on and keep going, we see what we are created to do and our passions come alive.

This kind of cultivating takes me back to the garden, it is hard work to make those spaces look good. Never ending and the greatest gift the gardener holds in their heart is the potential to see what is to come. To grab hold of the creator’s vision and to take the time pressing into it, breathing life into the dream.

When we take the steps in our lives, to pursue the passions, give the time and energy and then reap the harvest of skills, that is when real change happens. When we overcome the struggle and press in, we become better versions of ourselves. I desire greatly, to change my world. To make my space a little lighter and brighter, to sow seeds of love and encouragement. To build people up and to do good things. May we all find what we were created to do, thus we find the purpose in this life.

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  1. Isn't God awesome? He gets us through and gives us tools we didn't know we had or even needed!! So awesome Julianna!