Wednesday, June 15, 2016


My little family is incredible and I feel so #blessed to be their mama. I shared a bit about them in the paragraph and then asked each kid what ten things they wanted to share with you all. Enjoy, getting to know us.

Jules: I am the mama of this tribe

A few things you should know:
  1. I am left handed, I think I will die sooner but am more creative?!?
  2. I am a coffee roaster, I work for Hardy Coffee Co, based out of Omaha, NE we have been roasting coffee for about one year.
  3. I am vegan, five years, it has been an interesting and mind altering journey.
  4. I am an extrovert, when too many great people are around I get “drunk,” with all the greatness and excitement of FRIENDS!
  5. I love throwing parties and entertaining people at my house, on a normal week we have friends over to join us for dinner, one dinner party and brunch.
  6. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, pancakes for dinner anyone?
  7. I love being outdoors, camping, hiking, sitting around a fire.
  8. I love people, collecting stories and hearing hearts, when someone shares a piece of them it is a gift. Empowering people.
  9. I love learning new things, I am a bit of a hobbyist.
  10. I am an optimist to the core, it’s a bad day if I can’t see the silver lining.  

Charlotte: big sister

Charlie is big sister to the core, much of her early years forced into a parenting role. We have spent two years breaking her free from that “role.” During that time I have watched this beautiful girl blossom, she was created to do big things in this life. She has a beautiful smile with sparkly eyes, she knows how to get what she wants. She is quick to help and loves to be involved in the plans and details. For so long she carried it all, which has created in her a strong and guarded spirit. She hungers to hear praise and desires to know her value in the eyes of others. These past two years she found her confidence and when driven nothing will stop her. She has this ability to jump into any sport and just do it.

A few things she wants you to know:

  1. I love pets, she cares for, reads about and loves anything furry.
  2. I like to play hide and seek, she is committed to this game, even to the point of physical discomfort.
  3. I love to help other people learn new things, awesome big sister.   
  4. I love rubbing my mom’s feet, learned that she can make money doing this (both of us were happy about that discovery).
  5. I love being adopted because I have a new family.
  6. I like meeting new friends, I like being a good friend, quality time is my main love language.
  7. I love sports, I am naturally talented at any sport I try.  
  8. I love skateboarding, part of a all girl skateboarding league (girl power)!
  9. I like to play with Barbies and babies.
  10. When I grow up I want to be a doctor that helps people have babies.

Daniel: the man of the house

My sweet and only boy, is outnumbered by girls (even the dogs are girls) but takes it with stride. He loves to embrace his more sensitive side and is never too big or busy for a kiss and hug from mom. He feels everything deeply, his heart is on his sleeve and is easily bruised. He inspires me, he has continually pressed into the hard things. He is a kind soul, he thinks of others first and is quick to share with people around him. I love  when he does the things he loves, we talk a lot about not worrying about what others think, I learn so much from him on love.

A few things he wants you to know: 

  1. I like sharks, the story of Bethany Hamilton, created this obsession.
  2. My favorite thing to play is mermaids, I have a mermaid tail I love to wear and flop around the house in.
  3. I love swimming, takes me to my mermaid roots.
  4. I love to climb anything I can, challenge accepted.  
  5. I love doing flips, anywhere and anytime.  We now have a designated “flip” couch in the house.  
  6. I love to give hugs and kisses, physical touch is my main love language.  
  7. I love learning karate, and improv especially when mom is asking me to do something.  
  8. I can spin on my head, hopefully can pay for college with an awesome Youtube video.  
  9. I love to play tag with my friends.
  10. When I grow up I want to be a doctor for animals.

Kennedy: the girly girl

This girl, is a beautiful gift to the world, she may be small yet she is fierce. She has her own thoughts on things and lets you know. She is quick to crack a witty joke, she often leaves people speechless. She is quick to tell you how she is feeling, two years ago she hardly spoke a word. Her eyes are huge and I often wondered what they have seen. She is a thinker and strong willed, she does not let things go easily. I am excited to see, how she uses that skill to do incredible things in this life.

A few things she wants you to know:

  1. I love wearing dresses, pants are the worst, great punishment.
  2. I love kitties, mostly being one.
  3. I love swimming, miracle since last year mom didn’t catch me, right away, at the bottom of the water slide.  
  4. I like ice cream, any and all!  
  5. I love making my mama ‘’tea.” Best day ever, when Elsa came over for tea.
  6. I love puzzles.
  7. I love peanut butter spoons, frequent snack. Really easy: take spoon, dip in peanut butter, and enjoy!  
  8. I love to put things in my princess backpack.
  9. I love being a big sister, I love the role of being big sister.  
  10. When I grow up I want to be a “cooker.”

Little one: our little ray of sunshine and hope

She is our baby, we will talk of her often but I have to keep her identity secret . She left our home late May, 2016 for the second time, currently with birth mom in rehab. She has come and gone twice, which has lead to some very difficult seasons. I will share more on her in the blogs to come. These season in foster care are a balancing act a place of gratitude for the seasons had and hope for the ones yet to come.  

Hope for: healing and change, forever families and reunification, futures and seeds planted. May we never lose sight of HOPE.


  1. Oh tears, Mama. Hopeful tears from my overflowing heart.

  2. I love, love, love you, your precious kiddos, and this blog! <3 Please keep sharing your heart and story! :)