Friday, July 29, 2016


Life is one long, beautiful, messy story, each chapter revealing the next part of the story. Some chapters you just enjoy them, they leave you feeling satisfied. Others you find yourself at the end and you are just upset, the lack of resolve forces you to immediately begin the next chapter, seeking closure. Each chapter, so important in the story, cutting even one and you would miss very valuable pieces of information.

Life is made up of these chapters, each one unique, necessary and different from all of the others. Each chapter stands alone, inspiring us, but when put with the others, a truly beautiful story unfolds before us. We watch our main character (ourselves) develop, each chapter shaping and preparing them for the next. While the character is not sure what is ahead we know that each chapter contains much needed experiences to prepare them for the next one. We watch the character, gain the skills needed, we see them endure trials and watch them blossom into courageous and strong individuals.

Each chapter plays a valuable part in the story, if we skip over chapters we miss important information, experiences and details. We must read through each one, soaking in each word, every sentence prepares us for the next, we must experience all of the emotions. Each chapter is separate and can be enjoyed as that, however the real story unfolds when we read all of them together, then we get the whole story and begin to understand the importance of each chapter.

We have beloved moments in life and we grieve when those chapters are coming to an end, where our desire is to just stay in that chapter, rereading the lines, day after day. Moments so sweet, where we just enjoyed our lives, the people in it, the things we were doing, lovely chapters that we just truly enjoy. If we choose to stay there we won’t truly see the significance of that chapter in the whole story.

Then come the chapters where tragedy strikes, our hearts ache, life is hard and heavy. We want to skip over or breeze through those chapters, desiring to only visit for a brief moment at best. Sometimes those chapters last for awhile, but the hard chapters make the beloved ones all the sweeter. The hard chapters shape us, honestly, that is where the story really gets good.

Whatever chapter we find ourselves in, let us just soak it in. A hard chapter, shapes and develops our character, a confusing chapter filled with questions, grows in us faith, a sweet chapter teaches us to be thankful. Each chapter has a purpose and we must go through it, we must experience each sentences and word. Something happens in our souls when we embrace the chapters and soak in each word, and let our stories unfold.

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