Monday, July 25, 2016


Stewardship, a word I have heard often in my lifetime. Covering all areas of life, health, finances, time, resources, environment, relationships and emotions, to name a few. Growing up in and attending a church community, I heard “stewardship” thrown around often, sermons and devotions sharing how we are responsible to be good stewards of the things God has entrusted us with. We are called to be kind managers instilled with servant hearts, that message has stuck with me all of these years.

The areas of my life have shifted as I look and assess how I am stewarding the things entrusted to me. When my perspective is shifted and I view the world through the lense that I actually have a task to do in this life. I believe we all have such purpose in this life, each of us entrusted with many things. It is our responsibility to sow seeds well, prune where needed and bring in the harvest of the things we have entrusted with. I often wonder what things we could accomplish if we pushed aside the doubts and were intentional with our time, energy and lives.

Intentional living is a practice, it takes a lot of focused energy and self reflection to constantly press into your heart. You need to look into the things that you have been gifted with, your passions, your dreams and the very things you have been entrusted with. Assessing what needs your focused attention and during which season. Being a good steward is also learning the hard practice of walking away and letting things be.

I have learned that stewardship is a never ending journey, constantly I am checking in. Much like being a good manager you must be plugged in and know exactly what is going on. You need to assess and be involved that you might know what you need to sow, water, weed, prune, and harvest.

I am currently so aware of the things of my heart and the desire to navigate them well. Grief, sorrow, hopelessness and complacency are gnawing for my attention. However, right there in front of me is such hope, potential and beauty in this world. The balance of managing the things in my care, knowing when to let go, move forward or stay put is the struggle of it all.

It’s knowing the truth, not buying the lies, it’s knowing when to press in and when to leave it be, it’s in knowing when to move and when to stand firm, when to ask questions and when to sit quietly. Finding confidence in the fact that you alone have the skills needed to accomplish the task of managing a role you have been created to fill.

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