Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Adoption Day.

Hey friends, my most recent posts have been a tad hefty, so for today, something a little more heartwarming! A few snapshots in the day we became a FOREVER family. 

The hand lettering on the signs done by my dear and oh so talented friend, Erin Pille.
My crew waited 914 days, to have a forever home. After 5 foster homes they were so ready for some permanency. My investment in their story took two years, buckets of tears and so many prayers, I am so thankful for everyone who has cried, prayed and celebrated with us.

My beautiful and oh, so talented friend, Melissa Pennington, really captured the love we experienced that day. Check out her stunning work, many of our pictures have, Little One in the shot, she was not having anyone else that day and only wanted mama. In order to obey foster care rules, I can't post those. 

The kids and I arrived early, waiting in the courtroom lobby, finalizing things with our wonderful lawyer and discussing the game plan and my role. This was our lawyers first time meeting the three kids, he was literally putting their new names officially to a face, their sweet little faces.

Daniel, Charlotte and Kennedy

The state love adoptions, it is one of the only joyous events that happen in our courthouses. We were encouraged to invite our loved ones to the preceding, not sure the courthouse was ready when they gave me permission to do that. It was like a scene out of a movie, the elevator doors opened and my people just poured out. When it was all said and done there were over 60 of us and barely standing room in the courtroom. The judges, lawyers and state workers had never seen a turnout like this, I literally have the best humans in my life. 


It was a beautiful seven minute ceremony. Before it began, I turned around to quickly address our loved ones, I was overwhelmed at the sight, in the room were people we had met in the last month, state workers and the people who have been in on the journey from day one. People who have loved and supported us through the ups and downs. People who watched me become a mom. People who knew our story and they had grieved and celebrated with us.

The judge came in and took his usual spot, he addressed the crowd, which was shocking to him. He asked me to raise my right hand, I promised to raise these children as my own, as if they came from my womb. Their new names legally declared, the gavel was banged and that was it. 

  It was one of those moments that seems as if time stops, in reality it was only minutes long. Probably very similar to childbirth, you wait and get ready, you prepare and ache and then in a blink they are here, laying eyes on them you forget all of the things you had done to get to this moment. I did not labor and deliver my crew traditionally speaking, but I did labor, it was two years of tears, prayers and sleepless nights, fighting for their souls. 

People asked me often that day if I felt different, if suddenly I felt more like their mom. No because I realized becoming their mom happened over two years, sleepless nights, hard therapy sessions, post visit meltdowns, birthday parties, lost teeth and milestones. What I did feel that day was love, I experienced it in a way like never before. It suddenly became a very tangible thing. I could see it, feel it, touch it.

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