Thursday, August 18, 2016

Meet the K Crew: Daniel

Daniel Joel, not Dan or Danny. Daniel.

This sweet boy, blesses my soul, the only man in our house, he has a tough job but does it with such grace. His wounds are deep, but his heart shines brightly through his smile. His laugh is contagious. Despite all he has been through his sweet, gentle heart is evident.

He is constantly flipping, spinning and jumping, I had to designate a “jumping couch” in our house, instead of constantly redirecting him, I just limited him. He loves all things break dancing and can spin on his head and do some impressive handstands. He wants to be in gymnastics, he is currently in karate, I keep telling him we need to help him learn some self control first, then he can sharpen his skills.

This new season of life he is all about bugs, he loves collecting them and studying them. This summer we took a beach trip, he fell in love with all things in the ocean. He found a starfish, hermit crabs and a fish, his soul soared. Our friends Mr. Seth and Neela, tried to instill in him a catch and release mindset, he insisted that the creatures come inside where they promptly died, the struggle is real. This past weekend we went camping, he found the storehouse of all locust, he was on cloud nine. Spending the night watching them hatch from their shells. He loves creatures, it has been so fun watching this develop in him.

His love for all things of the sea, is not limited to creatures and swimming, his true love is mermaids. 80% of his mode of transportation is flopping around in his mermaid tail, he has that tail to thank for his strong core, his abs are impressive. Almost all games turn into mermaid games, all dolls become mermaids and all the stories are about mermaids, currently we are reading a chapter book together about mermaids and his eyes just light up as he listens.

Close second to mermaids is his favorite gal, Bethany Hamilton, she was the incredible surfer who lost her arm to a Tiger Shark when she was a teenager. This girl has overcome incredible odds and continued to pursue surfing, she is a hero in our home. We had to actually put a ban on what I call, “Bethany dolls” suddenly every barbie, doll, action figure, really anything with arms had one arm ripped off, in order to sport the incredible one arm look of Bethany. We discussed, several times, we are all about beautiful Bethany Hamilton, but we need a little diversity in our home, they can’t all be Bethany.
He is my thinker and a deep thinker at that. He is the most verbal about how he feels about adoption and his past. He often looks at me and says, “remember when I was in your tummy…” He loves to know how things work, what things are real. He loves to create, build and tinker. He can see something once, and recreate it. Lately he has been into singing and it makes me smile, he just belts it out. He loves skinny jeans, sharks, cucumbers and chewing on things. His love language is physical touch, he loves to come lay with me in the morning. Being his mom is a joy.

I chose Daniel as one of our options because of the meaning, God is my Judge. I want Him to be bold in who he is and I want him to not be afraid of what others think. He is kind hearted and sensitive and I want to remind him that he has a voice and can do anything he puts his mind into. He is brave and strong and so inspiring.

I asked Daniel a few questions:

If you had a dollar you would buy? A mermaid tail. 
What do you want to be when you grow up? A Locust finder. 
What is your favorite food? Raviolis.
What makes you laugh? Being tickled.  
What is your favorite toy? Mermaid doll. 


  1. I love that lil stinker. He is just so, so alive. His brain is constantly going to the point of not listening to the world around him. Including me trying to get parts and pieces of instructions across to him. But when he stops and focuses those beautiful eyes on me, heart melted.

  2. A heart melting post! what a beautiful son you have, his heart i can tell is very pure and he focuses on the little things in life. He is going to grow up and be an inspiring man, a role model to all who know him.