Friday, August 12, 2016

Meet the K Crew: Kennedy

This is Kennedy Grace. She is vibrant, silly, kind, loving and driven.
When she meets someone new, she introduces herself, “call me, EeeDee” 

I love it when she does that, it’s as if she is declaring to the world who she is. She was born on April Fool’s Day, which is so fitting. She is so goofy, she loves to smile and make silly faces. She has a joy and zest for life that inspires those around her. As goofy as this girl is, there are moments where she ain’t messing around.

She is determined, independent and a deep thinker. She is opinionated, vocal and driven, there is little convincing to be done if she doesn’t want to do it. She is going to influence the world around her, she will be a difference maker.

She has been the most drastic change over our two years, she has blossomed. I have watched her catch up to developmentally to her peers and find her voice. She needed a little security, nourishment and safety, then she finally had the freedom to blossom. She was a mere shell of a three year old when I got her, barely spoke, behaviors and boundaries out of control. She was still in diapers and would often just sit and watch others, I knew her mind was processing so much, I wondered what those big eyes had seen. Once she was given some time and focus she was free to fly and she flew so high.

She was the first one I met, I had the chance to meet my kiddos briefly before welcoming them into my home. I walked into their current foster home, it was Sunday afternoon, I was greeted at the door by “Bella” this tiny little girl with big eyes. She approached me immediately arms up and just stared at me. She spent the rest of the time there on my lap, playing with my hair, just gazing at me, my heart whispered in that moment, I had to take her home.

Just this morning she was asking about her past, who she lived with and for how long, trying to piece those 3 years together. Thankfully she was little enough she has no actual memories, but her body remembers. She was about 15 months when she was removed from her birth mom, she spent the next year and half bouncing around five homes, never being anywhere long enough to bond with anyone. We worked a long 9 months bonding, we went through therapy, PCIT, specifically designed to create bonds with children and their caregivers. I learned valuable skills that helped me better understand and connect with her. I remember the day she finally looked at me, really looked at me, I finally became her person.

She is constantly giving me hugs and kisses, I am constantly greeted with kissy fish lips, “kissy (insert sucky noise) kissy.” They say love languages aren’t developed until around the age of five, that theory proves to be true in our home. In the last couple of months I have seen her crave and need physical touch, part of it is she missed a lot of that stuff as a baby, we are making up for lost time.

She is the most verbal about missing Little One, I had some concerns when we brought Little One into our home, I was worried that Kennedy would struggle with not being the “baby.” What I saw instead was she loved being a big sister, and really blossomed in that role. We talk often of Little One and how we can’t wait until she comes home.

I asked Edy a few questions:

If you had a dollar you would buy? A Unicorn 

What do you want to be when you grow up?Car washer, not a grandma. 

What is your favorite food? Peas 

What makes you laugh? 
Falling down

What is your favorite toy? 
Banana (that explains a lot at meals) 

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  1. I love that lil stinker. She is sunshine (or lightning depending on the day).