Friday, September 16, 2016


Tonight as I did dishes one of my babes, laid on the kitchen floor firing off about 25 random questions. I realized in that moment, they feel safe with me. They are asking my thoughts on something because they trust me, trust that I will tell the truth. What a beautiful thing it is to have a question asked of you, it signifies you are a safe space for someone. On the quest to adulthood many of us lose trust in the world around us, we begin to seek after what Google says rather than the humans around us. We live in such an answer focused world, yet many of us don’t feel confident to ask or admit at times we don’t know something. I realized, the questions my crew ask are giving me glimpses into their little souls, the things they think, care and wonder about.

I heard a talk on educating our children, the speaker shared whenever we receive information on a new topic, we hold what we first heard against everything else we will hear on that topic over our lifetime. The questions my children ask now are laying the foundation of the rest of their lives. These early questions, are so very important, they are more than a glimpse into our children’s thoughts, they are utterly shaping their worldview, morality and beliefs.

Here is a glimpse into some of the questions I was was asked this week:

Are unicorns real?

Will you ever get rid of me?

What happens when you die?

How do you spell, this page is x’d out?

Do creatures eat houses?

Can I get a pet shark, just a little one?

Do animals talk? 

How do cats live outside? 

Are fairies real? 

Have you ever heard of a snow fairy, pretty sure mine is one, that is why she has been gone for so long?

Can a vampire have a baby?

What is the biggest world?

Where does edamame come from?

What do coyotes eat?

Will I die if I eat cucumbers everyday?

What is your favorite color?

Where does Meghan Trainor live?

When you get married, can you marry someone who can build, so he can build me contortionist toys?

Have you ever rode on a unicorn? A flying horse?


Is magic real?

Did God make everything?

With the importance in mind, I am slowing down, listening and answering my children’s questions differently. Sowing seeds, along the way, speaking truth and challenging the very lies that have already rooted themselves in their souls. 

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