Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Status Quo

These past weeks of processing life, I am very aware of the phrase status quo. Just follow the “plan” and find yourself happily ever after. Society says our lives should play out in certain ways, achieve a list of things, and fit a certain mold if you do this you will be happy and “normal.” Then there is reality, the mold is hard to fit in. We are not created to be one size fits all and that mold we are all encouraged to fit in doesn’t exist. There really is no "normal" out there, yet the pressure to fulfill that expectation is an unending force and leads to dissatisfaction.

The pressure to make more money, have bigger houses, newer cars and a certain size family surrounds us, it is in the media, our friend’s lives and the very world around us. Anything outside the parameters set by social standards make people uncomfortable and often results in disapproval. There is nothing wrong with the status quo life, however what if we were meant for more? What if status quo living simply distracts us from pursuing more? It is there in these questions I find myself seeking, choosing the path of the unknown, settling into a blessed life that is uncomfortable at times. It is there in the discomfort we feel the winds of change, see the perspective shift and experience the thrill of the unknown.

Compliancy is the thief of our dreams, the moment we give into it, we lose sight of our calling. Compliancy shows up in my parenting, my diet, my relationships and my home, in those seasons life can be a bit more predictable, the flip side is I discover that I am losing the muscles for adventure, change and the unknown. I want to steward this life well, I want to choose to actually live this life with purpose. I don’t want normal, I don’t want safe, I want to live fully engaged with exuberance.

God is revealing the things He has called me to, reviving in me purpose, His plan and aligning it all with the skills He has placed in me. One of the most beautiful things is that we possess the very tools we need to fulfill the purpose we were created to do. If we choose discomfort, trust the unknown and embrace the change that will happen within, we see that we can accomplish much with the skills we have been given. The more often we press into the difficult things, the more growth we experience and the easier it is the next time. The hardest part of running will always be the first step, once you get moving, over time, it gets easier.

Let us walk with purpose towards our dreams. Let us seek the things in our soul that make us smile, captivating our very souls while beckoning us from the dangerous comforts of complacency. Walk boldly towards the things you want, grab hold and dream big. Exercise those muscles and seek the discomfort and in tune to the small voice within that whispers your dreams.

Let us all be adventurers and discover the things we were created to do. Just think what would this world look like if we stopped limiting ourselves to the confinement of those things we feel we should do, forever settling in the comforts of status quo. Instead let’s be influencers, movers and game changers.

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