Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Here are thirty thoughts, influenced by thirty years on this planet.

30. Each one of us has a beautiful story to share, we must find our platform. What is the place, way or thing we will use to share that story. Find your voice.

29. Life should be celebrated, each moment, win and success. Burn those candles, put on those fancy clothes, eat cake and dance!

28. Life is what I make of it. Am I going to let life just happen or am I going to command it to be?

27. Compassion is a must, look beyond myself to the world around me. That act puts everything in perspective and reminds me we all have a story.

26. A smile can change everything. Look at strangers when you pass them, lock eyes and smile. Smiles are universal, they know not limits, not language, age, sex or culture. Acknowledge the humans around you, connection leaves imprints on your soul.

25. Choose words carefully. I have learned I can change the words before they leave my mouth. Once spoken I can never fully take them back, being a good steward of those words is my job.

24. Treasure the small moments. Being fully present in each day, moment and situation takes practice but it is worth it. Soaking in the rain on your face, the calm of morning and that beautiful sunset.

23. Slow down, the dishes can wait, the to do list will still be there. Just sit for a moment and soak it in.

22. Life goes so fast, throwing kids into the mix speeds it up even more. Cherish the days, for I fear they go by rather quickly.

21. Life is seasonal, you are not stuck in one season very long.

20. Laughter is key. Life can get heavy but the key is to learn to laugh at it. Laugh at the kids, the messes, the pets and most of all yourself.

19. Silence is beautiful, something about nothing is so sweet for the soul. It is there I can hear the whispers of my soul a bit more clearly.

18. Embrace the weirdness. You do you. All of you, be you and be it well.

17. Eat foods that make you feel alive. Become an educated consumer, know where you food comes from.

16. Each person on this earth is born with a specific purpose sewn into their very DNA. Choose to find yours.

15. Seek healing, those little wounds we carry around will forever fester and ooze until we clean them out and let them heal.

14. See a therapist. No matter how life has looked for you, you collected wounds, words and thoughts that will forever shape who you are going to be. Bring that collection to light and shed some truth on it.

13. Grace. Grace. Grace, accept it, show it, live it and embrace it.

12. Community is necessary. Immersing yourself in community is like a mirror to your soul. The people around you will press your thoughts, choices and speak truth over you.

11. Choose your tribe wisely. The people who spend time with, cling to, go to and get advice from. Those five people will shape who you are, what you think and how you live. Choose wisely, choose people who encourage you to do better.

10. Be aware of the narrative you tell yourself. We each have a spot in our brain that we play our narratives from be sure yours is rooted in truth.

9. Vulnerability tears down the walls. It is amazing the kinds of things that happen when vulnerability enters into the relationship, healing happens there. All of us are seeking people who say something we’ve been thinking.

8. Dance often, crazy and when things get too serious.

7. Take time to read. Books that transport you to another time or on an adventure, books that challenge you and make you think.

6. Nourish. Choose to give your body, soul and heart what it needs. Good things, sleep, a cup of tea, fresh picked veggies and good friends.

5. Be passionate, embrace friends, love, food and life with both eyes wide open. Chasing the things you dream of.

4. Dream Big. Look at the things that occupy your thoughts. Pursue those things, take classes, change jobs, discover hobbies.

3. Be outside as often as possible, creation has a way of resetting our very souls. It is a way we can refocus just how small we are but how important our role is on this earth.

2. Be intentional, with people, time and energy.

1.Love (well) others and myself. The world needs more genuine love, become a beckon of love, open your hearts, your homes and look for opportunities to love well. Look past the sensibilities of self protection to real love. Become the best life partner to myself, take myself on dates, long walks and tell myself just how amazing I am. 

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