Monday, October 24, 2016

Being Intentional.

I have been thirty a little over one week. I must say, thirty is lovely. I don’t know that I have ever felt more confident in a season of my life as I do now. I have been trying to pinpoint exactly what my source of bliss is. Before crossing the threshold into my thirties I experienced a huge perspective shift, I claimed the practice of being intentional.

Intention: done on purpose.

Many of my days just happen, finding myself caught up in the ebb and flow of daily life. This season I am desiring to really own my time and focus my energy on the things that bring about the most fruit and growth. Being intentional causes me to be present each moment forcing me to be connected to the very things I am doing. Engaging in my daily activities with a certain fierceness, navigating my days with such focus and energy.

These past few weeks I have been really assessing my life. How is time being spent, where is my energy going? A large portion of my day go to the kiddos and work, things happen with both that I can’t control. I am choosing to be intentional among the chaos, finding pockets of time to claim. Waking up early before the chaos creeps into my day right. Choosing to be intentional with my mornings, seizing them early and setting my pace has been fruitful.

Being intentional means, doing things that make me feel alive and challenged. I heard a TED talk this week on a study that has been done on how we raise boys vs girls, we tend to raise our girls to be perfect and our boys to be brave. I realized that I have 6 little eyes that are watching just how I am living, they know me better than anyone and the see all that I do and don’t do. Am I choosing to live a life that shows them we should ALL be perfect or brave? Do they see me challenging myself or playing it safe with the things I know I can do. I want my babies to be brave, I want them to seize this life and pursue their dreams. Choosing to be intentional with activities while my Littles watch me is changing what I choose to do.

Being intentional means accounting for and owning each of my days. Since becoming a mom, it is literally as if time has sped up, days fade into months which blur into years. I do not want to let it all just slip away unaccounted for. The days are busy and the to do list is never done. I am sowing moments of intentionality into every day, each morning instead of simply waking everyone up, I turn up a song and dance until they all join me. I take the moments throughout the day and choose to claim them. Locking away each moment, laugh and smile. Choosing to be intentional with my days, has shown me there is so much more fun to be had.

Intentionality breeds success. Relationships grow, deepen and heal with intentionality. Time is well spent, productive and fruitful. Energy is multiplied, focused and challenged with intentionality. I am choosing to live this life in intentionally recognizing that each day is a rare gift, never to be repeated. 

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