Monday, November 28, 2016

"Kleped" Our Adoption Party!

My friend, Reva painted this tree for us, it acted as our guest book. 
A lovely Saturday in June, we stood before 200 or so loved ones and celebrated our ADOPTION being final. As National Adoption month comes to a close, I reflect on that day, filled with such joy, gratitude and beauty. We planned and dreamed up a lovely party, with a cupcake bar, outdoor movie, photo booth and of course water slide. 
Here are a few snapshots of the day my lovely friend, Melissa Pennington took.

Making that balloon garland was the HARDEST thing I have ever done.
We lost 50% of the balloons just trying to string it up. 

The phrase "Kleped" became our theme. A friend pointed out the comparison to the term "clep" which is used in education, the student may take a test and still get the class credit just by passing. It is a unconventional way to get class credits, our family has built in an unconventional way, we have been KLEPED! 

The kid's decided on the menu (I did veto the chocolate fountain), we had walking tacos, cupcake bar and fondue! 

Of course coffee made an appearance!

The kid's wanted a water slide so my incredible grandpa, designed and built one! Oh boy,did they get a water slide!  

Lola the dog, loved the water slide as well. 

Friends came from all over to celebrate with us. It was one of those days when you realize just how loved you are. Our story has impacted so many around us, what a joy it has been to welcome so many in to our world. 

We had a dedication ceremony, 
we declared our new names. 
I shared vows, with the crew that I wrote for them. 

Charlotte Elizabeth- “Free, Pledged to God”
These past two years you have taught me so many things. I have learned what forgiveness looks like, as I have watched you open your heart and love this world around you. Your name is picked to remind you to whom you belong my Love, you are God’s, You are free from the past and though it has shaped you into who you are, it no longer controls you. Be free my beautiful girl and remember that
you are so very loved.

Daniel Joel- “God is my judge and Yahweh is God”
Two years as your mama, has been a gift. You have taught me so much, you have shown me how to be courageous and to never stop fighting.  My hope for you is that you would always remember to be confident in who you were created to be. God has big plans for you son, don’t ever lose sight of that. Be brave my son, you have a world to change.

Kennedy Grace- “Armored Grace”
Edy, what a journey it has been, being your mama is a joy. Your wit and charm delight my soul. The meaning behind your name is such a powerful one, you are such a strong willed little girl that offers such grace to the world around you. Never lose sight of the beauty of grace.

Today I stand here as your forever mommy,
before our loved ones, I promise to:
Always support you,
to help you figure out the things in your head.
Always sit with you,
to slow down and not ever be too busy to kiss and hug you.
Always believe in you,
to remind you to continue to strive towards truth.
Always fight for you,
to be on your team right beside you.
Always listen to you,
to hear your heart and honor it.
Always be there,
in the middle of the night and on the good days or bad.

Charlie, Daniel and Kennedy, I love you forever, I like you for always, as long as I am living my babies you will be.
Our loved ones surrounded us, praying over for
our future as a family. 
We made a unity drawing, Charlie had drawn it one day in therapy.
It was all our hands inside of each others, at the top she wrote "Family." 
Then we ended our ceremony with the song 
my dear friend, Rebecca wrote for us. 
It is called "Home" she wrote it about a
year after I got the kiddos.

"I have a home with from all of the 
monsters that were chasing me..."

Axelle playing our song. 

Rebecca singing our song, she wrote it over two years ago for us. 

That day, will forever top the charts,
it was magical, beautiful and redeeming.

I am so thankful for our story and for my crew. 


  1. Loved all of the joyful pictures! What a wonderful story of love that is still being written and blessing so many lives.