Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Let's Be Fierce.

My home was filled with a dozen or so women for one purpose, to enjoy each other’s fierceness. I sat a moment and just soaked them in, all so beautiful, so unique, so talented and so different. Each week women gather together in my home for Fierce Lady Brunches at my house, the group has over 90 members. These women remind me of who I am, where I am going and what I should be doing, they are the women I want to be like. They challenge, inspire and love me well.

One truth I have realized these past years is that I am here to encourage and empower those around me. I am declaring this truth with humility but I must admit that I will declare it boldly, I recognize the call placed on me. I am here to call forward greatness, to encourage and to listen and see those who have been silenced far too long.

Growing up we are often shushed, quieted and shut down. As we mature we find ourselves learning to self edit, often limiting and stopping ourselves because of others. We quiet our own voice, fearing it may be too loud. Changing our dreams and desires to fit those around us. The truth is we are all created for greatness, the greatest tool of the devil is to silence us, dim our light, shame our sparkle. I say enough, I say we all rise up, I say we embrace the very callings on our lives, may we step into greatness.

This journey of being a foster parent has taught me the power of giving someone a voice. Babies will cry when you listen, when left alone long enough, they lose that ability. Children will dream big and explore their world, when shut down and silenced enough, they believe they are incapable. People will pursue passions, living full and happy lives, when status quo is placed upon them they begin to believe they can’t have those things. We are living in a world filled with silenced, unseen, unheard people, merely existing out their days.

I love the phrase reclaim, Reclaiming our voice is a process, many of us quieted far too long. Over the years we have forgotten the sound of our own voice. At the core of who we are there is a wealth of potential just waiting to be given room to fly.

It begins with figuring what are the things we are passionate about. What are they things I was put here to do. What are the thoughts that plague my mind, make me angry and want to change. What is the dream I have always said I want to do but keep putting off.

On this lovely election day, I am reminded of tangible ways in which I have been blessed by empowerment. I talked with my crew this morning about the honor as a woman I have to vote. I have a voice because of all those peoples who fought for my right to vote. Empowerment is not something to take lightly, it is a powerful gift.

Showing people they are heard and seen, breaks the bondage of status quo. Setting free the captives and helping them find their wings and watching them soar. We all hold within us the power to call out the people around us towards greatness. In our daily life we can speak a kind word to a sale clerk, compliment a stranger or challenge a loved one to pursue more. Asking people to step out towards the things they have been equipped to do.

What I love most about empowering is that it is contagious. You calling greatness out in others, causes you to recognize your own greatness. Dear ones, what greatness within you are you silencing, ignoring or covering up. Within each of us is greatness waiting to be given its platform, I think it is time. Time to shine, burn and give the devil a run for his money. Let’s be fierce!

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