Thursday, November 3, 2016

Reason, Season and Forever.

Last night a friend and I were discussing people and the impact they have on our life. She had recently heard a quote, “People come into our lives for a reason, a season or forever.” This last season has taught me this is true. My journey into foster care may be the biggest test of this truth, struggling to find peace when the reality doesn’t make sense.

The essence of loving well and whole heartedly is finding your peace in saying goodbye to the seasonal people. The ones in our lives whose purpose is to teach us something. In the early months of foster care I vowed that no matter how long a child is with me they would be cherished, loved and seen. With my crew knowing their security, they are mine forever we are embarking as a unit welcoming with open arms the ones around us.

I got the call yesterday that they found a relative placement for Baby Z, he will be leaving our home today, our journey together was one week. This is the ultimate picture of bittersweet, a relative placement is best, he will have connections to family no matter his story. I understand the importance of this, my crew has a lot of question marks we will never have answered. Baby Z was truly a gift, he was our healing balm. We will grieve the sunshine our home has had this last week and celebrate the fact that we loved well, again. His time was seasonal and full of purpose. I have full confidence that he is leaving our home feeling a little more loved, touched, nourished and heard. He has begun his own road to healing and we got to be his starting point and he was ours.

I am coming to peace with the fact that I don’t get to be at everyone’s start and finish line. My role is to cheer as loudly as I can for them while we share a path. I will love them well, encourage and pour into them, claiming status as their number one fan.

The balancing act of of loving well with an open hand is something, I have been reminded again letting love in brings more love. Look around there are people in need of a reason, a smile, a compliment, a meal, a forever family or sometimes they just need to be held, rocked, heard and seen. May we greet each day with the realization that we have a purpose in the world around us. Greet each person, welcome each person, love each person with the mindset that we could be there blessing or lesson, seasonal or forever friend!

The crew and I sat down and we talked about Baby Z leaving and we grieved then we shifted perspective and realized we can love more. We will hug and kiss Baby Z one more time and send him onto his next season, reminding ourselves that loving well is not easy but it is beautiful. This past week we all found healing, our hearts are a little fuller, a little lighter. This week Baby Z found his smile, voice, and was held. 

Side note: thank you Dear Friends, for loving us well. For embracing, providing and circling around us. We are so beyond thankful for our people.

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