Monday, November 21, 2016

The adopting story
By Charly
(This is Charly's perspective, her story, her words)

When I was not with my mom that I live with I felt lonly, and scard, and wored what woud hapen.So I know how it fells to fell to be going thro this.When i was adoptid i felt happy, sad, confust, and neves of what people would think.not every one was adopted but i lernd that, i am loved, i am worth it, i am speshol. I have talents that people can not do. Everyone in her is loved, you are special, every kid in her you made your pains in her right now the happiest moms and dads in the world, gust cus of you! When i was little i was happy but now i feel happier, i felt like a million bucks! Gust cus of my mom. She is the best mom in the world. adoshin is a special thing. families that are Different can join together! We can learn things that we did not know.But sometimes you're not the right fit for them.but sometimes we move to different homes like i did. I am not ashamed maybe it was that they could not take care of me or they had some problems with their families that they could not handle me in that moment.we are not gut kids, we are kids that like to play all the time we do not want to gust sit in chair for 30 min.we do not want to move around to family to family we do not want to know what some kids know adoshin is not just something where people take kids for fun! It’s where you take a kid and you care for them whether it’s one or two, you love on them you say you love them.  

That is what Adoshin is about! The end!


  1. I love that you posted it as is. Makes my heart happy... Love that little girl!!

  2. This is wonderful. I teared up reading it. What a wonderful little girl you have.