Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Potential from Within.

Each one of is born with seeds of potential planted in our soul. Seeds unique to us, that only we possess. Seeds sprout, wither and blossom, they fuel us guiding us through life working as tiny compasses.They are the still, quiet voices of passions, dreams and goals. The things we have forgotten, silenced or disregarded.

Our environment affects how these seeds grow. We get caught up listening to others tell us what can and can’t grow. The result often is status quo, we become afraid of change. Afraid of the challenge of being a rose in a field of daisies. Secretly we want more and we dream big. So often we walk around with droopy petals, fearing being different in the field. We fear a new fragrance, color or petal shape, so we stay, unchanging.

Seeds need sunshine, water and nourishment to grow. We have to cultivate them, pouring in, allowing them room to grow. Laboring hard, pressing in and getting our hands dirty to cultivate a healthy environment for our flowers.

Prepping the land breaking up the big chunks, getting to the core. Turning up the soil, breaking it up removing the things that don’t belong. If the soil is dry from years of neglect, harm and lies we must begin to work it, preparing it to allow things to blossom. How does your soil look? Does it needs some weeds pulled, ground broken up and water? Has years of the sun beating down left it barren.

We must protect our seeds from being plucked up. The realities of life, the lies and people around us all have the potential to snatch away those seeds. Being intentional with our dreams and plans, protecting them from the lies and busyness of this life. Being cautious who you share them with, surrounding yourself with the people who see the seeds within you and call them out, knowing they will bloom wherever planted. Protect your seeds from phrases like, “you can be a daisy but never a sunflower” or “you can’t grow here.” Breathe life and potential over your seeds, never letting the world tell you what they have to be.

The tall grasses of responsibility, duties and titles, can consume our seeds. Those grasses grow thick and tall, making it hard to remember just where we planted them. We get lost in the thickness, wandering around in the chaos of it all distracted. About the time we find them again they are shriveled and withered, lifeless. Keep the tall grasses at bay, giving seeds the space to grow, that they may not be choked out.

Where are your seeds currently? Have you forgotten what they look like? Do you dream of them growing? Are they being choked out by the grasses around them? Are the lies of life plucking them away before they take root?

When our seeds are planted in healthy, balanced soil they flourish, bringing forth life, color and beauty. We owe it to our children and generations to come to bloom. Bloom well my friends, wherever you are planted. For the flowers of today become the seeds of tomorrow. Rise up through the mud and bloom.

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