Saturday, January 21, 2017

Daniel Joel 8

Sometimes I just watch him as he plays and my heart is overwhelmed. He has grown so much, I think back to the first days I had him, how his little baby teeth formed his smile and insecurities hid his charm. Our start was not in a hospital bed as most stories begin, in fact I missed exactly 5 birthdays before we were together.

My heart sometimes aches for the those years, the birthdays and milestones I didn’t get to see. I wonder what his first words were, his favorite toy and when he learned to walk. The things I missed make me more aware of the things I see. I have seen, first lost tooth, learning to tie his shoes, learning to read, learning he was safe and nights without nightmares.

This little boy has grown right before my eyes. He is nearly to the point, I will put him down one final time and never pick him up. I just want to soak him in. I am so proud of this little man, who has taught me about compassion and forgiveness. A little boy who sees the world around him as a new world come alive. I little boy who has fought hard to heal, forgive and change. 
 A little boy who loves well.

As we rewrite the trauma, heal the wounds and give space for the fears. As the past melts away I see him blossoming into a strong, brave, courageous, kind little boy.

My prayer for you Daniel in this eighth year of life is that you would be BOLD. You would be bold in what you say, who you are and in what you do. 

 Happy Birthday Bubba, I love you! 

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