Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Purpose

I have been mulling over these past few months the idea of purpose. More so the idea of purpose in our circumstances than the specific life calling kind of purpose. It is easy to view life as just a series of random events, one thing merely bumping us along to the next, until we run out of time. The moment we enter the world the clock starts ticking and with that we age.

I have had the honor of tracking the one month post womb life of my youngest crew member, let me say it has been fascinating. The rate in which growth and development happens is mind boggling, time has rapidly been zooming by as I am desperately try to slow it down.

2016 was a whirlwind of a year, some of my best and most painful moments were contained within that calendar year. While not all of my life events have found their happy ending or even a bow tying it all together, there is something very clear to me in the midst of it all, it all has purpose. It is easy to over analyze life circumstances, to read too much into them, to obsess over them. That is human nature, we tend to shy away from the pain of things as a coping skill.

There is a healthy balance where we learn to accept the circumstance, process it through and recognize that it is a tool being used to equip and validate the things to come. God is all of His grace uses the things of life to prepare us for the things to come. Do we find ourselves just unhappy with life events or do we press in knowing that these events have the potential to change us within. That they are preparing us in a bigger way than we can imagine.

What if every thing we experience in life gave us the opportunity to help another human? When confronted with the hard moments it is easy for us to just shrug it off as luck or the way it is. Can we for a moment change the way we view these things and begin to look at them as ways to connect with others.

When we show up with vulnerability and credibility sharing our story people listen, take note and meet you with their own. Such healing comes when we see painful moments turn into connection tools with others. Validations slowly begins as we see the purpose behind what we have gone through. Walking even a little bit down the road of life we discover that distance and other experiences show us that there was more to it all than what we could see or understand in the midst.

Life experiences guide us along in this life, each event leading us to the next. Some things we will never fully make sense of nor will they ever have their pretty bow wrapped around them. Every time we share our story we find that another little piece is validated and given purpose.

I am discovering when I share my life stories I am seeing that there are sweet moments of redemption along the way. Things begin to make a little more sense as life unfolds when I choose to welcome others in. The very things of this life, give us the very chance to share our stories with a boldness that only comes through experiences and credibility. Challenge yourself to change your view on the things you don’t understand by sharing your story, you never know who needs a little bit of hope that only your story can bring.

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