Monday, January 23, 2017

The Seeds

2017 has started out with such Holy Anticipation, things are happening. The season of healing and waiting is nearly over and I find myself in the midst of a field of opportunity. I watch as green swirls of life cover the ground. As the seeds begin to breakthrough many of them I have forgotten about for it was so long ago I planted them. I am remembering all of of those whispered wishes, hazy dreams and forgotten goals that have been dimly flickering in my soul for some time.

I find myself with desire burning in my soul, longing for fruition. I have been in the fields laboring hard, working the earth. The seeds all look different, some of them are quick to sprout, others have been slowly opening up rooting themselves in the rich soil of life experience. I look around at the tilled, fertilized ground and reflect on all of the blood, sweat, and tears it took over these last 30 years.

Experiencing such a season of Holy Anticipation, is both exhilarating and terrifying. God’s grace I realize has been working the soil ahead of me, preparing it all for the various seeds I would plant over time. He is the Master Gardener who knows the land and the soil, mapping out exactly where each seed best yields.

This week I started week four of my new position, I have stepped out of the roastery back into the shops where I am teaching, developing and investing in our staff. My job is to listen to people’s hearts over cups of coffee, my soul is satisfied at the end of the work day. I am so aware how these last two plus years have been preparing me for this role, something I could not of rushed through.

I have the tendency to dump miracle grow on my hopes and dreams, desperate for them to take root and grow...NOW! I am reminded that there is such beauty in the things that take time. The slower the growth the stronger the roots. Seeds we sow today will sprout, it may be tomorrow or next year but you can trust the harvest is coming. What kind of seeds am I choosing to sow? What investments am I making for the future? As the first month of 2017 comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on the the harvests I am reaping now and the ones to come.

I am unsure of the things of 2017, the seeds I sow will not all make it. Some of the seeds will be choked out by the lies of self worth, others plucked by the birds of fear and some will wither under the intensity of the sun. Then there will be some that despite all the storms will grow, breaking through the hard cracked soil yielding a great harvest.

2017 comes with such potential, may this be the year we all invest in the future. The year we silence the lies and embrace the dreams. The year we look out across the field of opportunity feeling the sun warm our weary souls. 2017 is our year to thrive, and thrive we shall.

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