Monday, January 16, 2017

To See.

We found ourselves struggling a bit this week, one of my crew shut down in class refusing to do the assignment. Not a normal response for this kiddo, I could see there was more to it than just defiance this time. I sat down with them trying to get to the bottom of it all. Our life is a little stirred up lately and some days it was just pick a topic and we are struggling with it.

I sat down with them and tried to brainstorm exactly what was going on. “I can’t see” they responded after a series of questions. “Like someone is blocking you and you can’t see around them?” “No, I keep squeezing my eyes but I can’t see the letters.” Oh you mean you can’t see (horrific light bulb moment for mom), suddenly I began replaying the last several months in my mind, repeated statements of, “move back, don’t hold that so close, lookout for that car.” A trip the next day to the eye doctors confirmed that was indeed the issue.

The call came that the glasses were ready, upon putting them on a simple “wow” was uttered. As we drove home joyful declarations and shouts of “Mom, look at that, look over there, look how cool those are” filled our space.

I have been mulling the power of sight over these last several days. Consumed by the thought that our perspective is powerful. It is that limited view of how we see things, and that changes what we see. How often do I choose to not see something that is there? How many things did I miss because I did not shift where I look?

Friday night I had the chance to slip away from the crew for a few hours and go see the movie, Hidden Figures. The entire time I sat their wondering how we could treat people that way, people who simply looked different? It has to do perspective, instead of celebrating differences, embracing change and challenging our view of things we choose to allow our vision to be limited. I was so humbled by this group of women who changed history, benefiting our space program.

Martin Luther King Jr, had a few clips in the movie and today we reflect on all that he did. He fought hard, challenging the world to change their perspective. In the midst of a world that still chooses to be blind in many ways there are a few who rise up and question the lenses of what we look through. We find ourselves limited by the prescriptions of life experiences, complacency and fear to name a few. 

We struggle to see beyond our circumstances, the weight of them can be blinding. Maybe it is the lies we believe those things that run on a loop through our mind, remind us that we can never do different. Or could it be that even at times we find ourselves refusing to see the things around us for we have our eyes closed shut. We remind ourselves that we are better of in the limitations of what we see and understand now.

There is a price tag in that all, for there are some things you can never unsee. The better our vision the more we see, I would imagine if my crew member would of had those glasses this summer when we saw the ocean, their response would of been different. Seeing things changes us, things look different and we are faced with more questions.

I don’t want to be settled in my prescription, I want to see. I want to keep myself standing before the lettered chart, seeking to see more, to know more. I want to notice the faces of the ones I walk by, I want to see their hearts and to see that I can learn so much for this world around me. I want to spend my days walking around declaring “wow!”
“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” 

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