Friday, March 31, 2017

Happy 6th Birthday, Kennedy Grace.

Dear Edy, 

Today you turn 6 and I must say I am finding myself desperate to slow down time. I have had the honor of being your mama almost three years now and how you have changed. I remember the day as if it was yesterday, the day our paths crossed. I had stopped by your current foster home to meet you, you being so brave met me at the door and reached up. Not a word came out of you, I scooped you up and we sat on the floor together. As I talked with your current foster parents you just looked up at me. I had a long necklace on and you twirled it around your fingers. I will never forget the moment you reached up a touched me cheek, you just held your hand there and I soaked you. It was that moment our lives changed and we began our journey together. You are a joy. 

You have been so gracious to me, loving me well as I navigated being a mama. You patiently endured as I figured out how to deal with the hurt and wounds. You were strong and brave and so resilient as you pressed in and healed and trusted again. We worked really hard a learning to love each other well, you let me in. You are brave. 

You are my sunshine when you awake you the world comes alive. You give compliments and say kind things. You are a good friend, making new friends everywhere we go. You smile is contagious and your wit is way beyond your years. You are kind. 

You were so quiet at first hardly saying a word, you just stared at people as if you were afraid to speak for you had learned you were not heard. Then the day happened and one word turned into many which turned into sentences. You have blossomed and you are lovely. Your first three years were confusing and chaotic yet you overcame. You are strong.

Happy Happy Happiest of all the birthdays my beautiful, kindhearted, Bean.

I love you to the moon and back and all around. 

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