Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Winter is gone and spring has come, the buds of hope growing on the bare trees. I took the crew to see Beauty and the Beast last night, Belle is my favorite leading lady. Watching the movie with adult eyes revealed the story of hope sown in the midst of great sorrow. The Beast’s household friends don’t give up fighting for their humanity to be returned. Fighting until the very end, believing in the power of love and hope.

The fight and struggle is messy and being brave is scary. The promise of hope becomes our guide as we navigate the path towards the things we long for. I have been reflecting on the last half of 2016 lately, it was a season of ache, loss, and change it was our famine season, something we all endured with such emptiness. Those seasons strategically placed by a loving God to prepare us for what is coming, He is setting the table for the feast is coming.

The struggle of last year came to a bittersweet close, we welcomed in a new year clinging to hope. Glimpses of hope glimmered in the midst of tears, change and questions. In a season when it felt like nothing good could come, it did. The emotional winter months of it all kept us dormant preparing us for the spring when the time to bloom came, we were ready.

These days, the hope and promise of spring is upon us. Our souls are a bit lighter as we find ourselves rejoicing. God has been faithful, Little One gets to spend another weekend with us, our home is a bit brighter with her. God has remained faithful in the last season and He will remain faithful in the season to come.

Our future is unclear, we have lots of questions and factors, we just can’t know. We continue to step forward in faith, clinging to hope and rejoicing in the now. I longed 9 months just to see her once more. I am getting to reclaim moments, I get to kiss her once more. While we navigate this new relationship with birth mom and the uncertainty of addiction we rejoice. Our trees are beginning to bud and our bellies are filling as we soak her in.

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