Thursday, May 11, 2017


We are one year down as the Klepfer Clan. Today is our first year celebrating our “Gotcha Day!” How different it all was one year ago, so much has changed.

Our home looks different these days, we have had an ebb and flow of loved ones come and go. We Have gotten really good at loving well and proficient with goodbyes. We have opened our home to more that we may love well. We have united as a family in this calling to provide a space for people to come, as they are.

The Klepfer crew causes quite the scene these days when we walk into places. Our cuteness intoxicates the world around us, as we wow people with our charm and manners. We hardly make it through a store unnoticed, receiving several comments about how full my hands are but how well behaved this crew is.

This last year has taught me so much about healing and hope. I have a constant reminder in my world that hope is alive. The reality is so fresh and present in my world that the story is never over. Watching as another chapter unfolds.

A dear friend sent me flowers this week, written on the card. “All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming.” -Helen Keller

Helen Keller, a woman who had a lot of overcoming to do. Her insight into the state of this world is accurate. My journey into foster care has taught me more than anything else, the level of broken that exists. That hard reality is met with the beautiful paradox of healing. Adoption is a picture of that healing. For us it brought a wave a peace, security and healing to our souls. We were committed through it all and in order to be successful we must work together.

Adoption is bittersweet, it is not the happily ever after that it sometimes appears to be. You see adoption exists because a biological parent cannot or will not care for their children, it is literally born from brokenness. My crew will always carry the very real wound that they were not wanted or worth fighting for. Those lies are what we fight hard against and the very thing my mama heart can not fix.

I often find myself in awe that this crew is mine. The weight of adoption is not lost on me. The struggle and ache that exists in the midst of this beautiful broken reality reminds me that everything can be redeemed.

Our story is still unfolding, we are navigating the hard conversations and the ripples of adoption even a year later, new wounds keep showing just when I think we have healed. The ache of lost bio parents, being different and siblings split apart, weigh us down.

Adoption has shown me what can happen when we step in and advocate for those who have a small voice, those who know great loss and overcome the hardest of days. As I look at my diverse family of 7, our story complex with three baby mamas and lots of wounds in the mix I am overwhelmed by the beautiful gift I have been blessed with. The gift that reminds me that hope is alive and that we can overcome. That we will.

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