Thursday, July 27, 2017


We are finding ourselves in a season of growth it seems. Our family has expanded yet again, we have added a new Little Man to the crew, #11mos. I am juggling the feeling of twins these days, two babies who are mobile but not walking quite yet. I have found ALL of the weak spots in my home and everything is being sectioned off with gates. Also, my biceps are going to be ripped either because I get stronger or because I literally tear one of them! Haha! :)

What a beautiful energy our home has these days. In February when I bought our home that more than doubled our square footage I prayed a simple prayer, more room means more room. Declaring that day to use our new space for good. Making our home a place that is a sanctuary for others whether they come for the night or forever. Using our space intentionally, our home is an extension of us, we use our space to love well the world around us.

If you are a local friend you know how open our home is, hosting weekly brunches, dinners and wine nights on the porch. We hold the door open for all who need a bed, a meal or a couch to process on, taking the approach we will figure it out. Expanding our home just makes sense, this year as I have navigated the word THRIVE, I have discovered many things. This is where I thrive, in the chaos and beauty of opening our home and heart to others.

Tonight I have the honor of welcoming new friends and old friends into our space and the children count will be 16. It will be chaotic and crazy, even complicated. I can’t help but dream of the conversations that will happen over the meal we share. Sharing our hearts as we process and work through new seasons together. My walls are collecting some beautiful moments, friends who are healing, processing and dreaming. New friends and old. Friends who come just for one night and friends who stay forever. As the seats of our bus fill up and the beds get rearranged to incorporate another I find myself saying more not less.

More of what matters more snuggles, more time, more stories and less to dos, less have tos and less that won’t work. I am seeing the culture of our home change, I am raising little world changers who are doing more, dreaming big as they grow. It is such a gift to watch my crew becoming more kind, more loving and more open. I have realized for us more is healing.

Over this past week as we have adjusted to adding another we soak it in. Our rooms are full and our home is joyful. I am still trying to figure out the physical juggle of two babies who are not walking yet but each day we find our new rhythm. So we will continue to heal, grow and change. We will continue to have our posture open and say “more room.”


  1. How is it dealing with so many children as a single parent? I have an 18months old and a puppy and I'm going loco some days lol

    1. Chenelle, puppies are like 10 children. Its like all things in parenting you figure out how to survive. Once I am surviving, I make changes so we are thriving! :)

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