Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Family Album- Part One

There are large pieces of my crew's life that I will never get to document. I love taking pictures and documenting our lives, I missed a lot of life those early years. My kiddos love to see pictures and hear stories of when they were younger. Due to a few crashed computers and broken phones some of our items have been lost but here are a few I found tonight.

These pictures have never been shared on social media in their entirety. There were so many moments those first couple of years documented but not shared. I thought this would be fun before too many of the memories slip away! 

Behind the scenes of our first round of family pictures. Spring 2015 I had been mom 9 mos,
these were taken one week after Little One left for the first time. 

Kennedy she was such a tiny peanut, her nickname in this season was "Bean." 

Cutie boy missing teeth

The day Charlotte was baptized. It was a special day, her birthmom was able to come as well as lots of our loved ones. 

First Day of Kindergarten and 2nd Grade 

First Day of Preschool, her backpack was bigger than she was 

Meeting our cousin. 

Halloween 2015 

Family Hike, Little One was returned to our home just days before this. 

One of my favorite pictures, I had no idea what was in store for me. 
Easter 2016, found matching dresses for the girls. 

Our first family photo, Kennedy was off playing to right picking flowers.
I had been mom 1 day in this photo.

Celebrating friends getting married. December 2015

Ice Skating December 2015

Princess and her pups! 

First Baseball Game! Summer 2015

Two places at once, Iowa and Nebraska state line 

Skateboard birthday present. She was a natural.

CUTE! Daniel age 6

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