Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Happy First Birthday Little Cub!

I am writing this in the last hour of the day, I am a tad bit late. This morning had no special significance to us even just a couple of months ago, but one Little Dude came into our life and brought significance to August 23rd. 

Happy 1st Birthday to our Little Bear Cub.

Dearest Little Cub,

I have not had the honor of knowing you long. I have prepared a place for you in my heart, a place to rest. I am not sure how long we will walk this road together. I am still getting to know you. I am still collecting sweet moments with you, cherishing the smiles and laughs. I am learning your story and what your cries mean. You have had quite the year of life, a year filled with loss. Your presence in our home has brought healing, joy and lots of baby gates.

You keep me on my toes, exploring the world around you. May you never lose your WONDER. You help strengthen my biceps, wrestling in my arms constantly. May you never lose your STRENGTH. You challenge my speed on swapping diapers. May you never lose your DETERMINATION. You are my daily wake up call, bringing me forth with a holler from my sweet slumber. May you never lose your INITIATIVE. You keep us laughing and smiling. May you never lose your CHARM. 

Happiest Birthday Sweet Little Cub, may this year bring stability, safety and joy to you. May you find peace in the midst of change and challenge. May you always remember you are loved well.