Saturday, January 20, 2018


What my three year old is teaching me...

To grieve well to let it all out. Cry loudly. Speak out the aches. To yell and scream at the unfairness of life. To let it out and then to get up and go play, squealing with joy just moments later.

To speak interrupting every conversations, convinced that each contribution is necessary for all to hear. Demanding the attention by repeating loudly and clearly what he is in need of.

To let love in there is room for a new family, right alongside the family he has only known. The whispered, “I love you, Mama” spoken with the simplicity that love brings. There is always room for more, more love, more hearts, the more you share love the more there is.

To create the house, the people, the car, to delight in creating. The sky can be purple, the jumbled swirl is a cat if you just look closely, the world is what we choose to let it be and there is such beauty all around.

To question why we do things, where we are going, what I am doing? To look at the world around us with such wonder and question. Not settling for a half-hearted answer, pressing in and asking loudly.

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