Sunday, February 18, 2018

In the depth and cold of winter, sweet new life took a breath as a baby girl entered into the world. Hours before a new day sprung, she entered in, showing the world who she was, from her first cries, she has been declaring the world to see her. She is joy. She is grace. She is peace. She is beauty, this little soul has embodied these things. 

Our family has grown yet again, I have rearranged rooms, washed and folded tiny sleepers and dusted off the baby gear. This month we have welcomed one more, a sweet Little Soul into our home. She shares a biological mom with my (14 month old) Little Man, she entered into the world just five days before he brother turned one.

We knew about her coming, thanks to social media. The timelines did not perfectly line up, my home was at capacity, so at birth I was not able to take her home. A dear fostering friend of mine stepped up and stepped in, providing a home and lots of love for our Sweet Girl in the first several weeks of her life.

Unsure of how these cases will ever turn out with reunification always being the goal and the balance of biological connections, I advocated and partnered with my friend to ensure that we could have a bond with this Sweet Girl. I was able to take maternity leave and spend my days with her the first several weeks of her life.

These last few weeks I have been back in the newborn rhythm of life. Our hearts are full and at rest as we soak in this little joy. Having a newborn as kiddo number 7, makes me laugh at the age old advice to “sleep when they sleep…” 

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