Wednesday, February 7, 2018


What my one year (14 months) old is teaching me...

To be free. We can be anywhere in the car, at the store, or at home having an all out dance party the moment he hears music, he dances. Freely, unconcerned of who is watching or where he is, he just lets it go.

Things you believe in are always worth fighting for. He is determined, each and every diaper change becomes a battle of distraction and redirection. He fights me with all of his might the moment I lay him down, diaper changes are wrestling matches in this season.

To smile at strangers. He is adorable, I mean off the charts cute (can’t wait to blow up the Internet with his face post adoption….COMING SOON)! Any time we go anywhere he sits backwards in the cart and just grins, ear to ear as we pass people. He does not discriminate, he does not care who you are, if he sees is dimples out. He smiles at grumpy old men, peers, and people with cool hair. I watch as hurried people slow down and engage us, I am reminded that we all need and desire connection with others.

To see the world. His new phrase is “what’s that.” Each morning after I scoop him out of bed we walk to the window where we play the “what’s that” game. He points, asks and I tell him. He sees it all, soaking it in.

That each day is a gift that should be celebrated. I listen outside of his door for the squeals of delight as a new day dawns. I love to watch his expression as I enter his room, grin ear to ear as his dimples ripple across his face. He awakes with such innocence, unphased by the ache of life, he sees only hope in the rise of the sun.

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