Thursday, February 15, 2018


Our home has gone through another change, we have said goodbye to our Little Bear Cub. It was an honor to be his Mama these past seven months. People always ask me how I let them go, some “goodbyes” are easier than others.

This time we got to transition him from our home to his Aunt’s home. The woman who raised him the first nine months of his life, the one he first knew as Mama. The past seven months she was still a huge part of his life and we fought to keep their relationship strong.

She is his anchor, he is at peace and settled when he is with her. He is joyful and giggly. He adores her and she him.

He taught me a lot, our home is a sanctuary for many but I have learned it is not always the best home or the forever home. Our home was a home, he had a family and a Mama who loves him but now it is time for us to say so long and send him to the home where he can have permanency and doesn’t have to share so much attention a home where he has a future.

Much Love to our Bear Cub, we are excited to watch you grow. The picture of you at Halloween in your alligator costume hangs on the wall and makes us smile. Tonight we talked about you at dinner and how we miss your laugh and those cheeks! We love you!!!

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