Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Klepfer Family Album 2

I got a new battery for an old computer that had these gems on it. These are pictures from our firsts together as a family. The first moments, where we fell in love and grew together. 

We spent the evenings of our early days, running on the trails. 
Using the space and outdoors and stillness of the country to process. 
They were healing and I was learning to be a Mom and I was falling in love. 

First Camping Trip, Summer 2014 
Camping has quickly become one of our favorite pastimes.

Daniel, age 5 

Charly, age 7

Kennedy, age 3 
She was a part of a weekly preschool dance class.
She was rarely on task but she was cute. 
I couldn't put her hair in pig tails in that season 
The pig tails seemed to only make her more sassy. 

Spent the day at the Apple Orchard,
her smile just brightens the world.
Sept 2014 

Trip to the Desert Dome.

First fishing trip with Uncle Jordan. 

Kennedy's first day of preschool. 

First day of 2nd grade and Kindergarten. 

Finding our perfect pumpkins. Fall 2014

First Pumpkin Carving 2014

First Halloween 2014, Batman, Bumblebee and Fairy.

Christmas 2014, finding our first tree. 

Meeting Santa, he was the most magical man I have ever met. 
Such a fun treat after picking out our perfect Christmas tree. 

Ice Skating with Uncle Jordan. 
This girl is a natural at anything she tries!

Eating at El Basha, one of our favorite places.
This grin and this girl, she snatched falafel and 
lentil soup off my plate and my heart too.

He has always been a good dresser. 
He loved vests, he had several and he would dress himself.

Meeting Cinderella at the Princess Ball, 
her face looked like that the entire time.

2nd lost tooth, first time tooth fairy drop!
She looks so little with those baby teeth! 

I don't remember what story she was telling me but it was big. 

Princess Elsa came to our tea party.

Little One 3 months, her first stay with us. 

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  1. oh my. They were so little. I can't believe they are 9, almost 7 and almost 11. Wow. So glad you got those pics back!