Sunday, March 11, 2018


What my six year old is teaching me...

To love wholeheartedly, with all of my being, 100%. She is in the stage where she adores me, constantly gazing at me and hanging on me. She wants kisses and affirmations constantly, she whispers at least daily, “I am your favorite, right Mama?” Which I always say yes...what she doesn’t know is that I tell them all they are my favorites! Haha! She asks to sleep with me every night and would share each of my breaths, if I let her. She has recently started writing me several love notes a day, I find them everywhere, the house is littered with the most precious drawings of us holding hands and hearts.

That life is a big sparkly party and all are invited. She found out her birthday is on Easter this year and she can not contain herself. Her favorite holiday and her favorite day. She loves that she was born and she does not hide the fact that she is a gift to this world. We have began planning her birthday party and every day it gets a bit more sparkly and magical and the guest list keeps growing. The theme is sunshine, sparkles and unicorns...I am still trying to figure out how do I tell her she needs to share her day this year with the hope and joy of the Resurrection?!?!

To never lose my wonder. She is is amazed by the swirls of new toothpaste and fresh jars of peanut butter. She loves shadows and sunshine. She delights in fresh snow and pretty little weeds. She walks slowly through life, seeing the small things, the simple things and she acknowledges them and celebrates their beauty.

That laughter is the best medicine. This girl’s birthday is fitting as it is one April Fool’s Day. She is witty and sharp. She is charming and smart and she knows how to work the room. She is confident and boldly laughs hysterically at her own jokes and has no shame in saying whatever comes to mind. I have so enjoyed watching this Beauty, develop and grow into herself. She has blossomed into a radiant and rare flower. Being her Mama, is a gift and I am soaking every moment up.

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