Tuesday, May 15, 2018


My oldest will wake up this morning 11. As I write this I find myself in a posture of humility, being her Mama is one of the greatest things I will accomplish in this short life. Loving her but a moment is a gift. This girl is fierce, joy, kind, strong, forgiving, brave and a giver. She has experienced more loss, hurt, trauma, and wounds than I have in my adult life, yet her life reeks of grace.

I have watched her forgive the world around her for not keeping her safe, while standing strong as the waves of reality crashed over her. She raised her younger siblings for several years and so graciously gave me the reigns when she felt I was safe. This sweet girl loves me whole heartedly, my shortcomings are met with her forgiveness.

I have watched her time and time again as she has loved and embraced each Little Soul we have welcomed into our home. Her heart is open and her posture is welcoming. She embraces the world around her. 

Mother's Day morning she set up a plan with Grandma to come over early and watch the babies so I could get a few more moments of sleep, while she made breakfast. She also spent her hard earned money on gifts for her Grandma and me, picking out the things that would bring us joy with such thought. 

Four years ago, I had the honor of becoming her Mom. Two years ago I had the privilege of becoming her forever Mama. Today I find myself wondering just where time has gone. It feels like a moment and forever at the same time. Preparing this arrow for the world is an honor, this one is going to be fierce. 

Happy Birthday, my Beautiful Charly, you are going to move mountains. 

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