Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Meet the Crew

We have had so many new people following our story that I thought I would take a moment to introduce ourselves. I use “nicknames” for us all, partially to help protect their identities and partially because several of my kiddos are still in foster care, so I try to keep details vague.

Jules: Mama of the crew 

A few things you should know:
  1. I am left handed, I will die sooner but at least I am creative.
  2. I am the HR Director for a local coffee shop, based out of Omaha, NE. I have worked there 5 years and have been everything from barista, to shop manager, to coffee roaster. I am still in love with coffee after all these years. I love walking through our shops and seeing people meeting over coffee; falling in love, dreaming up the future, starting a business or new friendships. 
  3. I have been vegan 9 years, a journey that started for health reasons but over time has lead me to live this lifestyle more from a stance of compassion. We have a vegetarian household, my kids eat the eggs we get from our backyard chickens and the occasional cheese. I teach my kids to be educated consumers, when we go out they choose what they eat. Sometimes they shame-free eat meat but they know where it comes from and we give thanks for that life that was shed for our consumption. 
  4. I am a true extrovert, I get “drunk,” with all the greatness of FRIENDS. Our parties quickly get out of hand, with 30-40 people packed into our house. I love entertaining, on a normal week we have friends over to join us several nights for dinner and a Saturday morning brunch with my gal pals. There is a sign that hangs in my dining room that reads, GATHER, we take that seriously. 
  5. I am an Enneagram type 2, the Helper. I don’t know what I need and will get around to figuring that out someday. Until then, I will welcome you in, feed you, take your coat and the load off your back. 

Charlotte: 11

Charlie is big sister to the crew, she has a beautiful smile with sparkly eyes. She is quick to help and loves to be involved in the plans and details. She is strong, a defender and guarded spirit. She has this ability to jump into any sport and excel.

A few things she wants you to know:
  1. I love pets, currently training our new puppy, Mabel. 
  2. I love being adopted because I have a new family.
  3. I like meeting new friends, I like being a good friend, quality time is my main love language.
  4. I love swimming. 
  5. When I grow up I want to be a doctor that helps people have babies.

Daniel: 9

My sweet boy, he is compassionate and has a heart for others. He inspires me, a few weeks ago he walked up to a man sitting asking for money and offered his hard earned last dollar to him. He is a kind soul, he thinks of others first and is quick to share with people around him. He is funny, silly and still loves to snuggle with me.

A few things he wants you to know:

  1. I like sharks, the story of Bethany Hamilton, created this obsession.
  2. My favorite thing to play is mermaids, I have a mermaid tail I love to wear and flop around the house in.
  3. I love swimming, takes me to my mermaid roots.
  4. I love doing flips, anywhere and anytime. We now have a designated “flip” couch in the house. 
  5. When I grow up I want to be a doctor for animals.

Kennedy: 7

This girl is fierce. She has her own thoughts on things and lets you know. She is quick to crack a witty joke, she often leaves people speechless. She makes friends everywhere we go, people are drawn to her but she makes you work for it.

A few things she wants you to know:
  1. I love wearing dresses, pants are the worst, great punishment.
  2. I am always hungry, even when I am eating. 
  3. She has an incredible imagination, making elaborate games for her younger siblings to play. 
  4. I love being a big sister, she is so delighted she can now pick up baby girl. 
  5. When I grow up I want to be a teacher.

Little Man: 4

This Little Man has been a part of our life the last year and a half. Recently he has left our home twice, returning shortly after. Each time we fall a little deeper in love, as we settle in. He has found his voice, healed and grown so much over our time together. His smile, still takes away my breath.

A few things he wants you to know:
  1. Paw Patrol is my jam. 
  2. My name starts with a “T” like turtle. 
  3. I have blue eyes that sparkle and light up the room. 
  4. I am compassionate and love our dogs. 
  5. I love keeping up with my big siblings, if they can do it, I can do it. 

Little one: 3

She is the biological sister of my older three. She left our home late May, 2016 for the second time to be with biological mom, they are doing so well. We have an open adoption and this Beauty gets to come to our home every weekend to help bio-mom out with daycare and to bless us all. She is radiant, smart and silly.

A few things she wants you to know:
  1. She is all about babies, eats, sleeps and plays them. 
  2. She loves giggling with Little Man, they are best friends. 
  3. She loves her big sisters. 
  4. She is smart and says these witty sentences. 
  5. She still walks up to me and says, ‘I hold you.’ 

Baby Boy/Henry: Almost 2

This boy is pure joy, he lights up the room and charms strangers. He was my first newborn and has spent every day with me since he was born. It feels like yesterday that I brought him home from the hospital. Current words; Mom, dog, car, Gaga, Papa, cup, banana, bye and hi

A few things he wants you to know:
  1. He is fearless, as in zero fear. 
  2. His dimples, make any correction very difficult. 
  3. His is obsessed with cars. Plays with them, sleeps with them. 
  4. He is a thumb sucker and I love that about him. 
  5. He is charming, smart and determined. 

Baby Girl: 8 months
She and Baby Boy share a biological mom, born just one year apart. She is her own little person, all smiles and rolls. She watches the world around her, seeming to soak it all in. You can almost always look up to see her smiling at you.

A few things she wants you to know:
  1. She weighs 17.5 lbs 
  2. She has zero teeth but loves real food
  3. She is rolling over and army crawling 
  4. Her jumper is her favorite thing
  5. She is sleeping through the night 

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