Monday, September 17, 2018

Self Care

Self care, for me is that never ending chase. The reality of self care in my life is a double edge sword. I am a more balanced (less yelling, kinder words, more patience) Mama when I get time to refocus, but pulling that off feels impossible some weeks. Here are some ways as a single parent, I work self care into my daily life.

My Job
I am one of those fortunate souls that absolutely enjoys my job. My role for the last nine months has been Director of HR, my job absolutely hits all of my strengths, I so enjoy my daily to do life. Thriving where I spend a descent chunk of my day because I am working in my strengths and passions, allows me not to dread my work week or dropping my little ones off at daycare. My role with this company has changed right along side of my life, I was not a mom when I first started here as a barista a little of five years ago. We are a growing local business, with over 40 employees, three locations with an in house bakery, coffee shop and roasting facility we are always growing. This job allows me work life balance and brings life to my soul, it is my extrovert outlet and I am so thankful for this piece of self-care in my day to day. 

Travel once a year, in the fall I get the chance to get away for a week. My kids get divided up between our community and this Mama heads to the mountains.  This year, in just a month or so I am heading to beautiful North Carolina. This first picture was from my 2017 trip to Utah and the Grand Canyon. The second picture was from my 2016 trip to Oregon (a frequent stop). Seeing the world and changing my perspective is the best way I recharge. I like mountains because they remind me how small I am in the scheme of things. 

Community we are all in different life stages but they have embraced me and loved me well. They are the friends who come for brunches, late night wine on the porch and for loud and messy family dinners. They bring activities for my kids, help me pull of gigantic adoption parties, show up to the courthouse, snuggle my neglected dogs and make me laugh. I am so beyond thankful for the tribe of humans who have surrounded us. Without them all I would be lost. There are so many more than what this picture can contain. 

 Food I love good food. After going vegan almost 10 years ago, I have learned and loved food so much more. I love food that is fresh and nourishing. I love to cook, after a long day, I put the baby gate up, turn on a podcast and start chopping. My spiritual practice is trying to ignore the little ones screaming at the gate, as if that cheap $10 gate was drawbridge equipped with a moat.

Hosting the greatest moment of fear as a new mom was realizing I was locked inside my house from about 6:30pm each night. My survival technique, as an extrovert, early on was to make food and open my home. If you build it, they will come. So several times a week, we host dinner parties, brunches, family dinners with a table full. We live life around our table and we share it openly. I host a Saturday morning brunch and my table is filled until well into the afternoon as we eat, sip on mimosas and talk about life.

Adventure whether it is in our backyard or something completely brand new we love adventure. We load up, suit up, waiver up and find out the next new adventure. I am so thankful for brave kids who have conquered their fears to try new things. 

Renovate my space I don't talk about my house enough, I am beyond blessed, proud of and humbled by this space. One and half years ago we took over a 4 bedroom, built in 1900 home, filled to the brim with character and charm. This space has allowed us to double our family and entertain all our people. I learned early on that once the crew was all tucked into bed, I could do anything with a paintbrush and a podcast. I would work late into the evening painting and creating space. Most of my projects start about 8:30pm until 3am and I have the bad habit of starting three things at once, this picture shows, the tile I painted and in the background you will notice the carpet I tore up to reveal wood floors that needed refinished and a beautiful built in I am stripping. 
Three projects I decided to start all in one night, I like the challenge. 

Them they have the unique ability of being able to zap all of my everything, leaving nothing behind. Then somewhere along the day of baby snuggles, morning snuggles, middle of the night snuggles, hugs, kisses, pictures drawn and kind words said, my cup is overflowing. I love hanging out with them, knowing them, and being their Mama. They bring life to my soul and purpose to my days.


Also this hot tub... from our MI vacation we took in June. I drank all the beverages in this hot tub, just out of the frame, is literally all of my children watching me, but they could not touch me, for 30 mins. It was delightful. 

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